ZaranTech is a leader in providing specialized market intelligence information and consulting services. We offer Offshore Outsourcing Consulting of Business
Processes and Information Technology. It is a superb industry and is growing at exceptional rate. It is in this realm, that the Offshore Consulting industry has created various
levels of consultants. 

ZaranTech’s Offshore Outsourcing Consulting division ensures that the benefits of seamless transition are transferred to companies looking at going Offshore. Our Offshore Outsourcing Consulting divisions’s role becomes complementary to customer’s objectives.  We are usually “been there, done that” and they can do it again for their customers. Customers benefit from our expertise in the area
because this allows solutions to get transferred in a most optimal time frame. 

Another benefit of working with ZaranTech’s Offshore Outsourcing consulting division is that the transfer of local knowledge, information and best practices. In our successful Offshore Consulting relationship, consultants become effective communication channels between front line workers and customers, and the leaders of the company or organization. 

The role of Offshore Consulting companies is constantly evolving today. Some benefits, that make utilizing the services of our Offshore Consulting company a perfect
business sense, are listed below.

  • We are objective to Customer Operations but out of their Corporate Power Games.
  • We have been there done that and can replicate it again for their customers and just as the customers want it.
  • We are clued in and can transfer skimmed information and best practices.
  • If moving offshore, we can behave as a one-stop shop for entire Project Management.
  • Local knowledge is yet another key that we hold.

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